About Project

Hamilton Manufacturing is a family-owned company that creates cutting-edge green solutions across the erosion control, dust control, and insulation industries. They have pioneered the use of recycled cellulose fibers to create super strong and durable material matrixes that can be used for a variety of purposes. When they wanted to revamp their website, they trusted us to execute their vision. With some slight tweaks, we worked together to bring their website to the next level.

The Original Website

The Redesigned Website

The Perfect Solution

The new hmi-mfg.com is a modern take on their heritage and continued innovation in the market place. Their web traffic increased by over 70% and the time spent on their website learning about their products and services more than quadrupled to span several minutes a visit. Their website is now a key contributor in their marketing plans, and is a generator of incremental leads and customer interest.

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